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Air Conditioning

Summer is when Minnesotans use the most electricity; this is also when it’s most important to conserve energy. One energy-saving measure you can take right now is to sign up for our residential cycled air conditioningprogram. This innovative program helps us better manage energy demand, and it helps you save money on summer electric bills.

So how does cycled AC work? We install a small remote control switch on your air conditioner. There’s no charge for the equipment or installation. During periods of high demand (hot/humid summer days) your ac's condenser will be cycled on and off for periods of 15 minutes at a time. In Minnesota, this typically occurs 10-15 days per year.

What do you need to do? Just sign up and we’ll give you a $10 credit on your monthly electric bills for energy used during June, July and August once our controls are in place.

As your electric co-op, we’re committed to offering cost-effective programs to meet the growing need for electricity. Cycled air conditioning is one program that allows us to partner with residential customers and decrease summer power demand. At the same time, cycled AC enables us to potentially delay construction of new power plants (a costly undertaking) and keep rates more affordable.

Signing up is as easy as a phone call. To enroll or to learn more, contact Member Services at 218-429-0432 or 888-433-4279.

Save Energy; Be Energy Wise!

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