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Downed Power Lines

Safety First: Stay away from downed power lines

If you come across power lines that are down for any reason, stay away. Do not touch or try to move downed lines with your hands or any other object. Downed power lines can carry an electric current strong enough to cause serious injury or even death.

Here are some tips to keep in mind with downed power lines: 

  • Consider all wires energized and dangerous. Even lines that are de-energized could become energized at any time.
  • Do not attempt to remove trees or debris of any kind from power lines. Electricity needs a conductor (any material that allows an electric current to pass through it) and can therefore travel through tree limbs, guardrails, vehicles, your body, etc.
  • If a broken power line falls on your vehicle, stay inside the vehicle. Use your cell phone to call for help. The vehicle can become energized so you are safer staying inside until someone, like a lineworker, can professionally help.
  • If you must get out of the vehicle due to fire or other life-threatening hazards, jump clear of the vehicle so you do not touch any part of it and the ground at the same time. Jump as far as possible away from the vehicle with both feet landing on the ground at the same time. Once you clear the vehicle, shuffle away with both feet touching the ground at the same time.
  • If someone makes contact with a downed power line, don’t try to rescue them because you risk becoming a victim yourself. Call 911 for help. 

If you see a downed power line, call us immediately at 800-450-2191 so one of our line crews can safely repair the line.


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