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Dual Fuel Heating

6.54¢ per kWh

A dual fuel system provides whole-house heat using electricity and another fuel. At times of peak electrical demand, our radio receiver interrupts the electric heat. During interruptions, you heat with your alternate fuel.

Dual Fuel interruptions can occur at any time for any length of time. The cumulative total of interruptions cannot exceed 400 hours during the heating season. For this reason, your backup system must be controlled by a thermostat and be capable of automatically coming on when the interruption occurs.

Your satisfaction with the dual fuel program is dependent on the ability of your backup system to keep you comfortable during extended interruptions.

Make electric heat your primary heat source and extend the life of your fossil fuel furnace. Electric heat on our Dual Fuel program is very cost competitive.

Dual Fuel at 6.54¢ per kWh compares to:

$1.62 per gallon of propane

$1.76 per therm of natural gas

$2.28 per gallon of fuel oil


Click here for Great River Energy's Load Management Guide and check today's load control.


Other Heating Options


Let MLEC help you determine the best program for you. For more info, contact Energy Services at 218-429-0432 or 888-433-4279.


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