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Heat Pumps

ASHPs really are the best of both worlds. You can switch between cooling and heating directly from the thermostat, putting you in complete control.


  • Higher Efficiency – You can save you up to 30% on your home cooling expenses by using an ASHP instead of other conventional air conditioning units. They are also 200%-400% more efficient when it comes to home heating. This is possible because they use advanced technology to transfer more energy than it consumes.
  • Easy on the Environment – These units are super-efficient and they cut down on the depletion of limited natural resources and their extended equipment life means less pollution associated with discarding old units or parts and manufacturing their replacements.
  • A Safe Solution – Since ASHPs operate without using an open flame, they don’t create any products of combustion such as carbon monoxide and other emissions. No need for venting— or worrying.
  • Quality Control – The heat provided by an ASHP is more moderate in temperature than air from conventional furnaces. As a result, the air rises more slowly, distributes more evenly and holds its moisture better. This makes for a better, more natural warmth for you and your family to enjoy.
  • Adjusts Automatically – An ASHP works in tandem with your conventional gas furnace for home heating. The pump automatically selects the most ideal balance between the two heating sources to constantly maintain the most efficiently ideal heating combination based on your desired indoor temperature. It’s like magic. Only real.

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Ground-source Heat Pumps

A ground-source heat pump does not burn any fuel to create heat. It simply transfers the earth’s energy to your home. At the earth’s constant temperature of 40 to 50 degrees, a loop through the earth, coupled with an indoor heat pump (about the size of a conventional furnace), provides 300% efficient heat. The heat pump can be connected to ductwork or hydronic tubing.

In the summer, you flip the switch to reverse a ducted system for air conditioning.


Other Heating Options


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