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New Electric Service

You may come to our Aitkin office or contact us by phone or email with the new service information.  If you contact us by phone, you will be sent the paperwork. If you come to our office, we can take care of the paperwork at that time.

To start a new electric service, when there has not been previous service at the property,

Please return the following to initiate your new service request:

  1. Signed application for service. (New Service Application  The form can be typed in, but does require you to print the page and sign prior to returning to MLEC.)
  2. Initial cost contribution of $250.00

An easement will be sent to you for completion prior to building your new service - you will need the legal description and a copy of the property deed.

A $265.00 deposit will be needed before we can install service.   Deposits are applied to your account after 12 months of on time payment history with us. 

  • Following receipt of the application with your social security number, MLEC will run a brief credit check. If a satisfactory credit history is found, the deposit will be waived/refunded.

All fees are due before construction begins.  The following may be included:

  • Footage charges of $6.50 per foot for single phase residential power.
  • Transformer fee of $500 if a new transformer needs to be set for your service.
  • All fees for any special permits such as those required for road crossings and the DNR are your responsibility. Permits are not applied for until all paperwork and payments are received in our office. MLEC will help you apply for any permits you may need.  The length of time to receive permits is dependent on the agencies involved.
  • A distance less than 300 feet will be constructed overhead unless it's an extension of an existing underground installation.

If underground service is requested for under 300 feet that is not an extension of an existing underground installation, the request may be granted if you pay $1,950 for a minimum distance of 300 feet.

  • It is your responsibility to provide a meter loop with an appropriate disconnect.  Services of 200 amps or more require a meter base equipped with built-in bypass capability.  By State Electrical Code, all wiring must be inspected by the state electrical inspector.  All commercial wiring must be installed by a licensed electrician.  Residential wiring may be installed by either the homeowner or a licensed electrician. A list of electricians is enclosed OR, for your convenience, the cooperative will coordinate the meter loop installation for you.  If you choose this option, your installed cost is $840.00 for a 200 amp loop payable prior to installation.  The loop will include a meter base/disconnect combination unit with eight additional breaker spaces, one 20 amp circuit breaker and a weather proof GFI receptacle.   Meter loops are maintained and owned by the property owner as are any wires beyond the meter loop.   The meter is maintained by and remains the property of the Cooperative.    

MLEC has the right to cancel your pending new service if not installed within a year from receiving your application.

Link to MLEC Owner's Manual and Member Information

Call Operations at 218-429-0435 (local, Aitkin) or 888-724-9798; or, email with any questions.


You are a member/owner when you receive electric service from MLEC - Find out more about your cooperative - click the Owner's Manual now!


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