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Off Peak Heating

Off Peak

5.35¢ per kWh

A storage space heating system is capable of providing 100% of a home’s heating requirements. Storage units must be properly sized so the off-peak charge time and storage capacity meet the BTU requirements of the home. Off-peak rates apply.

Off Peak hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Our energy team offers a heat loss evaluation for MLEC members to determine BTU requirements.

Off Peak at 5.35¢ per kWh compares to:

$1.33 per gallon of propane

$1.44 per therm of natural gas

$1.87 per gallon of fuel oil

* Garages and outbuildings do not qualify.

Click here for rebate information.

Other Heating Options


Let MLEC help you determine the best program for you. For more info, contact Energy Services at 218-429-0432 or 888-433-4279.

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